Acces partition bigmem


Je suis en train d'ensembler et analyser des genomes eukaryotes et j'aurais besoin de pouvoir accéder à la partition bigmem pour faire tourner des analyses gourmande en RAM.
Et t'il possible d'y avoir accès ?

Merci par avance,

Jazmin Blaz

Bonjour Jazmin,

Vous avez maintenant accès à la partition bigmem.

Bonne soirée

Dear support team,

I still require to launch some jobs very high memory demanding, however, last time I tried to launch one into the bigmem paritition I received the following error:

sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Invalid account or account/partition combination specified

Do I still have access to use this partition? in the contrary case, Is possible to allow me use it again?

Thank you in advance,


Dear Jazmin,

You still have access to the bigmem partition.
Your access is granted with your ancyro_genomes project/account, so you have to specify this account to get access (sbatch -A ancyro_genomes -p bigmem ...).

Is it ok for you ?

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Dear @dbenaben,

For my project (analisys of LTR retrotransposons in coffea Genus) I need to execute some jobs that required more than 500 Gb or RAM. Is it possible to access to the bigmem partition?

Thank you in advantage.

Best regards,

Simon O.

Dear Simon,

Are you sure that standard nodes (250GB) can't manage your jobs ?
Your last "Out Of Memory" jobs requested only 300MB.

PS: Please open a new subject for each new request

Dear @dbenaben,

Yes I am sure. I have tested with 250 Gb nodes (using the flag --mem=250G) but my job is still launching Out of Memory error.

Thank you!

Dear @sorozcoarias,

Sorry, but I didn't see any jobs requested 250GB of memory (you last "Out of Memory" job only request 2Gb).

Could you share with us your script or you SBATCH parameters ?