Account inactivated?

Hi team,

As of today, I noticed that I cannot connect via SSH to the cluster, nor can I login to the online overview of my account via MyUi. The latter says 'Your account is not active'. However, I actually checked my status a couple of days ago, and saw that the expiration day was in December 2022. I even requested to prolong it, due to which the new expiration day was somewhere in August 2023. Could you maybe check for me what went wrong? My account name is jvanhooff.

I kindly thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Jolien van Hooff

Dear Jolien,

Indeed, your account had expired (2022-08-17).
It seems that your last attempt to extend it did not work...
I reactivated your account (and set duration to 1 year instead of "3 month", so your account will expire on 2023-08-19).

Best regards


Thanks a lot for your quick intervention. I'm glad that I'm able to access the cluster again, and that I will be able to do so for another year - very convenient.

Best wishes,

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