Extend the duration of project dubii2021

Hello. I have received an email:
" Project dubii2021_mkondratova will expire at 19,Jan 2022 1:0:0

If you wish to extend the duration of your project,

please contact the support team at https://community.france-bioinformatique.fr"

I am working in Lille University now, and I would be happy to continue usage of IFB server,
could you extend the duration of my account?

Best wishes
Maria Kondratova

Hello Maria,

The projet dubii2021_mkondratova is part of the training dubii 2021.
Could you create a new project (Request a new project: MyUi) and use it instead (you can move your data in).

To ensure good data management with our users, we want to identify the projects that are processed on the cluster.

Best regards,