Help account closed


I'm writing because I have made the extension of the expiration date of my cluster's project in the website one or two weeks ago, but anyway my account was closed. I still need to use it, and I need still some data that are in my account. So I'm writing to request your help.

Also, my contract is comming to an end this 30th June, but the project will still go on, and it's possible that I will still need to use my account, how can I manage that? what do I need to do to still be able to use the account for some time after the end of my contract? what do I need to request from the project manager?

Thank you so much,

Julie Ramirez


Your account have been renewed (for the next months). You will have to renew your password (through and the "reset" button).

The usage of the IFB Core Cluster is described here:
If you still have an academic email or be associate to a French public scientific and technological establishment, you can continue to use the IFB core cluster.

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