Increase disk quota number of files


I have reached and surpassed my disk quota in terms of the number of files. After performing gene annotation and training with MAKER, I now have plenty of files. I would like to compress many of the folders that have been generated, either to move them elsewhere or simply to reduce the number of files I have. However, I am unable to even create .gz files because the quota has been exceeded. Therefore, I would like to request a quota increase at least for a few days, perhaps just for this week can be enough, while I manage to compress and move my files.

Alternatively, if a quota increase is not possible, I would appreciate any advice or alternative solutions you may have.

Thank you so much

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I rose your quota. But, as you suggest, I'm pretty sure that you can reduce this amount of files (4.2M files for "MAKER", 1.8M for "busco").
So, look closely at temporary files (...busco_sequences//.fna *.faa *gff files ?) or compress files.
To have a view of your files (size and number), you can use ncdu like this:

ncdu -f /shared/projects/helmo/ncdu_helmo_2024-01-06.ncdu
# Then to show the number of files: c
# Then to sort by number of files: C (shift-c)

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