Increased storage space


For my project, I am generating many multiple sequences alignments and single gene phylogenies at a time (>40000). It would be helpful if temporarily I could have some more space in my project bin (/shared/projects/lgt_rhizaria/). Would that be possible? Thanks in advance.


Hello Jolien,
How much do you estimate the space needed (in GB) ?


If I could in total have 1500GB available in lgt_rhizaria, for 1 month or so, that would be helpful.

Thank you!



It's done (1500GB available for lgt_rhizaria profect).

Have a good day

Perfect. Thanks a lot!


May I please request for more storage space too? From a recent set of metabolomics analysis for my project, I have generated 2x1000 samples files to process. I would appreciate if I may have 500Go in my account to start with uploading these files. Many thanks in advance.

Galaxy ID: dorrainlow


Dear team,

Since I'm finished with the analyses for which I needed the additional space, my project space (lgt_rhizaria) could be reduced (ideally to 700GB, like it was before).

Best regards,
Jolien van Hooff

It have been done at some point :slight_smile:
Thanks for your request. It's not so common to ask a reduction of quota :medal_sports:

Hi team,

Thank you, no problem.

I just ran into a problem: I'm having a 'Disk quota exceeded' issue. Do you know why that is? I'm only using 305GB (out of the available 700DB).

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Hello Jolien,

Sorry for this late reply.
You have reached the maximum number of files for your project ( 1M > quota 700k).
You can see your usage and quota with: lfs quota -h -p 161153 /shared/projects/lgt_rhizaria

Can you reduce the number of files ? Otherwise we will rise your quota.


Sorry for the late response. I just checked it and removed many files, so for the moment I'm able to work on my project again.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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