Jupyter notebook not work


This week I have tried to use Jupyter notebook but it always gave me this error. What could I do to solve this issue?

Merci en adavnce,
Arianna Tonazzolli

Hello Arianna,

You have reached the maximum file number on your home directory (you have "128366" files, the limit/quota is 100000). Indeed, there is a size limit on home directory (100GB) but also on number of files.
You can see/follow this limits with: lfs quota -h -p 162809 /shared/home/atonazzolli

Jupyter can't start because it can't write a file on your home.

Could you do some clean-up ? It's often due to conda which create a lot of files (so please check/remove your conda environnement).

Now it works.

Merci beacoup for your help