New Bos_taurus HISAT2 Index

Good afternoon everyone, I just made a new HISAT2 index for the newest Bos taurus genome, ARS-UCD1.2.
Link to source genome:

Path to fasta file:

Path to index files (.ht2):

I created them with the commands (as found in /shared/projects/theileria_host_pathogen/
module load hisat2
hisat2 --version
hisat2-build -p 32 /shared/projects/theileria_host_pathogen/Bos_taurus.ARS-UCD1.2_genomic.fna /shared/projects/theileria_host_pathogen/Bos_taurus.ARS-UCD1.2_genomic.fai

Note: I renamed the files after unzipping and after index creation.

Thank you Aristeidis for your message.

Fasta and index files generated are only accessible for your group but the procedure can help those who need it.