Rename a Project-dir + Add space

Hello dear IFB team,
I 'd like a renaming of a project,since I finished with the one it is named after , and I used the space to download data of some other project, where I ll keep on working.
Could you rename "single_cell_skeletal_muscle" --> "long_reads_dm1_treatm" , add 300G (total 600G) ?
If not possible , then I would need the creation of a new one with this name, and I 'll transfer the files needed. it should be approx. 600G.
Thanks in advance! mk

Hi Maria

Since you are going to work on a new project you are going to need a new project folder on the cluster.
Can you make the request on ?

Once you have transferred the data to the new project, you can let us know if you wish to delete the old project (via this forum, or via email ). The functionality to close a project is not yet included in

Thank you in advance

Thanks Nicole, I asked for new project. I ll let you know when to delete the old one.