Snakemak sur le cluster et drmaa

Pour info si pas déjà au courant, note lue ce jour sur readthedocs snakemake (Cluster Execution — Snakemake 7.16.2 documentation)

Are you using the SLURM job scheduler?

In this case, it will be more robust to use the --cluster, --cluster-status, and --cluster-cancel arguments than using DRMAA. The reason is that the slurm-drmaa package is not maintained by the SLURM vendor SchedMD and less well supported. Effectively, you will run into timeouts in DRMAA calls sooner.

Qd ce sera le cas et que drmaa ne sera plus opérationnel, il faudra modifier la doc (ie. ma référence) ici : Perform a quality check on raw sequencing data with Snakemake and Conda