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For any questions, issues and request regarding usegalaxy.fr and its subdomains *.usegalaxy.fr

HowTo ask for help regarding a Galaxy issue

If you happen to struggle when using usegalaxy.fr or any of its subdomains *.usegalaxy.fr, you may want a little help. First, remember that someone else may have already encountered your issue. Please take a little time browsing this forum to check whether someone might already have answered your question.

If you can not find the information you need, thus do not hesitate to post a message to ask for help. Be as precise as you can, for people to be able to grasp the idea accurately.

Sometimes describing your problem is not enough when dealing with Galaxy and data is needed to solve the issue. Thus, you may need to share your history for people to be able check what is happening. When posting your help request, please choose one of the following solutions:

  • 'My data is not sensitive.' In this case, you can make you history accessible via link ("Share or publish" panel in the history options) and put the link of you history in your post. Since histories can contain numerous datasets, please highlight concerned ones by citing their numbers while describing your problem.
  • 'My data is not meant to be shared, but reproducing my issue in a dedicated history with anonymised or dummy data is up my street.' Well, please do so! In this case, you can then share the concerned history following the procedure mentionned in the previous point.
  • 'I can not openly share my data and can not easily make an example that can be openly shared.' In this case, try to describe your issue with the maximum detail you can. If this is not enough for people to be able to help you and a closer look is mandatory, someone from the support team may help you by asking a private share of you Galaxy history. This way your data will not be accessible by any person other than her/him.
  • 'My issue is not quite linked to my data nor to a specific history - I only need guidance' In this case, simply describe precisely what kind of help you are looking for.

Have a great time using usegalaxy.fr!

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