All my sessions on (ondemand cluster) get to the queued and then directly terminated

I'm reaching you out in concerning to my account that had built on IFB cluster,

I is currently am having an issue about once I order session to I work on it, it gets entered to the queeud, it then directly get close, and they don't accept from me to establish any session to I work on it, I don't know what right now can I do?

I am indeed waiting to get my results, to submit it to my supervisor.

Once I order the session it get completed status and they finished it.

Please, please, I want account to be stable and don't get continuously interrupted, How can I get that?

and I please look at the attached error message with my email, please take a look for the error message what It says, I don't know what the way of this error on my account, I right now could be able to established a new session to work it.

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Hello @mabuelqumsan

We had some issues (storage, network).

It's now fixed.

Do you always have difficulties ?

Always the same difficulties here !

I replied for your issue there: Could not connect to the R session on RStudio Server. Unable to connect to service (1) - #22 par dbenaben