An issue with the tool "xcmd findChromPeaks Merger"


I have an issue and I hope you can help me. Using the « xcms
findChromPeaks Merger tool », I implement the right dataset and the
right sample metadata file, the job starts running, and after a few
minutes I have an error message saying « The job was terminated
because it used more memory than it was allocated ». I checked the space storage (currently using the short term space storage) and I used only less than 5% of it.

I'm trying to merge 110 raw data files with around 20,000 to 25,000 peaks each.

I wish you a great day,

Best regards.

I think the error is not related to short term storage, which is the disk space. Rather, while merging the 2.000.000 peaks from the 110 files the RAM memory allowed for the tool seems to be insufficient.
=> Can you re-run the peak picking (findPeaks) with more restrictive settings to obtain fewer peaks per sample ? You could check your signal to noise (sn) column, and raise the snthresh. Alternatively (and a yielding a faster calculation) you could raise the miminum intensity and/or length of the initial ROI detection with the prefilter parameter.
Alternatively, the W4M admin team could check if there is a way to increase the memory allowed for the tool.