Conversion problem : Data Handling All convert to Mzxml format

Hello, I recently tried uploading data in .raw format obtained from Thermo instruments to convert them to Mzxml format in order to do LCMS analysis.
However I have a problem, the files are well uploaded but when I do the conversion i got this :

An error occurred with this dataset:
We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

** #1) Respect the privacy of others.**
** #2) Think before you type.**
** #3) With great power comes great responsibility.**


Do you have any idea how i can solve that ?

Thank you by advance and have a nice day.

Was you using the tool msconvert?

If yes, indeed this tools isn't ready on We have to either fix that or disable it.

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Hello, thank you for your quick response.

In this case, how can I convert my .Raw files to Mzxml format for data processing?


You can do it with msconvertGui from proteowizard. It's really easy to install and use. A quick tutorial is available here Converting raw files to mzML | MSFragger


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Hello, thank you very much for your help.