Demande d'installation de BICEPS (BEAST2)


Pourrez-vous installer le logiciel BICEPS v1.1.2 package dans la platforme BEAST2, svp ?

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This is a follow up on my last request on software installation (Please see the original email). I usually hear back within 2-3 days but it has been almost 2 weeks. I hope it is not too much of a trouble. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to expedite the process. I greatly appreciate your time.
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Unfortunately, due to limited manpower and lack of time, it's difficult to meet all requests.

Maybe you can try to install the BICEPS package following this instruction: (Installation on cluster / Install by hand) ?
I'm not familiar with BEAST but as far as I understand you can install by yourself the BEAST2 packages.


Thanks for your reply. I've installed many beast packages in my mac but never on a cluster. So I gave it a shot following the instructions. It was installed but it didn't finally run. I suspect that I installed the package in a wrong location (See blue arrow in the attached image). Can you please let me know the right location in the cluster?

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It's OK.
You can install applications in your home directory (/shared/home/dchakraborty), or in your project directory (/shared/projects/sarscov2mex). Both are OK.
There are often installed by default in your home directory. However, you may use your project directory if you have not sufficient space in your home dir, or if you want to share the software between people involved in your project.

Your job is actually "pending" due to a reservation (see the "Reason" with squeue -u $USER).
Indeed, an electrical maintenance is planned from February 2nd to the 5th 2024.
So, you can't launch a job that will be running at this period.
If your job is not so long (right now, less than 8 days), you have to specify the --time option (for example: --time=5-00:00:00).
Your job have a default value of 30 days (long partition) and so doesn't start.

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