Difficulties importing NMR data (transfered from Julie.W)

I am afraid I can't even get past first base! I have a zipped file containing data for 8 H1 NMR spectra that do not have a title file in the pdata/1 folder, otherwise the format looks as suggested (see screenshot below). I have tried every possible combination of TRUE/FALSE for the subdirectories/Use (sub)directories names as FID names? input but always get the error:
An error occurred with this dataset:
Error in ReadFids(path = path, l = l, subdirs = subdirs, dirs.names = dirs.names) :
No valid fid in /shared/ifbstor1/galaxy/jobs/002/170/2170026/working/10
Execution halted

Can you tell me where I am going wrong?

Best wishes

Hi Julie,

Could you please share you history with me (): I'll have a look at your problems.



My username is mtremblayfranco

Thank you, I think I have shared my history with you.


[url: Galaxy | France | Published History | Unnamed history]

Hi Marie,
did you get my shared history? I am not sure if I did it correctly. It seemed to want a user's email address, which is why I copied the link.

Best wishes