Disk quota exceeded @ dir_s_mkdir

I am trying to launch a R session, firstly three times in a row I get a "504 Gateway Time-out", than I received 'Disk quota exceeded @ dir_s_mkdir - /shared/home/esonmez/ondemand/data/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/sys/rstudio/core/output/0da2420f-6186-42dd-9be4-7319864036ef2.

I think the second error is coming from file size from my home or projects directory but I could not find which one is making a problem... If you tell me can immediately solve it. but any idea about the first error?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ekin! @Ekin_Sonmez

For the second error, disk quota exceeded. I move the onedemand folder to my project folder, as the project folder has more quota. Then creat a symbolic link to let onedemand know the real path.

The command is like this:

cd ~
mv onedemand /shared/projects/MY_PROJECT_NAME && ln -s /shared/projects/MY_PROJECT_NAME/onedemand .

Sorry I have no idea about the first error.

Have a good day!

Thanks for the answer but this time I received 'sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Unable to contact slurm controller (connect failure)' I think it is a common error for everyone for today.

@ynie thanks a lot, it worked!!!

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Your home directory is full.
You have reached the maximum number of files (107168 files, quota 100000).
To see this usage: lfs quota -h -p 163090 /shared/home/esonmez

     Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                 18.88G    100G    150G       -  107168* 100000  150000    none

To avoir this kind of errors or other issues, please clean this space or move files on your project directory.
Speciallly ~/.local/share/r-miniconda with more then ~50k files, and ~/.cache/R/basilisk/1.6.0 ~50k files.

Best regards