Disk quota exceeded error

Dear IFB team,

Since this afternoon i cannot longer use my project "orphan_protist_cg" and the jobs I was running there died. I got the following error while trying to wrte files there:

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘annotations2’: Disk quota exceeded

However I am not exceding the quota assigend for this project (1.5 T).
Could you help me please?


Hello Jazmin,

There are two kinds of quota:

  • disk quota: limit amount of data you can store.
  • number of files quota: limit number of files you can create. On the IFB core cluster, this limit is 1000 files per Gb.

You have reached the maximum number of files as you can see here (1822080 files):
$ lfs project -d /shared/projects/orphan_protists_cg/
162999 P /shared/projects/orphan_protists_cg/

$ lfs quota -p 162999 -h /shared/projects/orphan_protists_cg/
Disk quotas for prj 162999 (pid 162999):
Filesystem used quota limit grace files quota limit grace
167.9G 1.465T 2.197T - 1822080* 1500000 2250000 none

So you need to clean some temporary/cache files if possible, else you need to ask to more space.

Best regards,

Do I need to open a new issue to request more space?
thank you


You can ask here: how much space is needed ?

Best regards,

Bonjour Guillaume,
I have done a bit of cleaning but I would need to increase the number of possible files to approximately 3M in order to be able of running my analyses.
The reason is that I am performing orthologous analyses between few hundreds of species. Alignments, and single gene phylogenies are generated for all these gene hologous families. Most of these files are not that big but are very numerous.

Thank you!


Hello Jazmin,

You have now 3TB of disk quota, and thus you can create up to 3 000 000 files.

Best regards,