Error not identified when reading workflow

Hello, I'm a new W4m user. I'm currently working on a metabolomics study using UHPL MS-MS. For several weeks I have been using a workflow to reprocess my MS data. Until now, it worked very well, but now when I launch it, an error message systematically appears on part of my data. The error can be triggered at different stages. It says: "This job failed for reasons that could not be determined.
Please click the bug icon to report this problem if you need help." Can you help me get my workflow working again?

My username is thomasvignol

Hello @Thomas

can you check on the top right corner that your available space is not full "using xx%"
If you're close to 100% then try to clean your old histories Galaxy | France


I'm only using 55% of the available storage.

Hi @Thomas

can you share your history with me yann.guitton at ?


I shared it with you.