How to annotate community support site for a tool / database


The IFB task force created a community support Web site with different categories.

With @gildaslecorguille and @julien , we agreed that this would very soon be reorganised:

A question for @hmenager and Jon: in, how can we provide the link to this kind of community support (which is actually a forum regrouping users + service providers) ?

The current link types are :

  • repository
  • issue tracker
  • mailing list
  • help desk

Would it be possible to add a link type for "user forum" ?
Or is there already another place for such user support ?


@jvanhelden and @olisand

Hi Jacques,
When describing a tool, go to the support & credit tab, and select "support" in the "entity role" select box.

See more details here:
Hope this helps,

Thanks for the tip, but I am not sure that it would enable to define what I need. Indeed, even though the role is "support", there is no appropriate Entity type to describe a user forum or a community support platform such as a discourse server.