How to attach my institute to my tool?

How should I annotate the institution(s) for which I do work

For now:

  1. Go to the "Credit" tab in the registration interface
  2. Click "Add a credit"
    2.1 for "Name" give the name of the institute
    2.2 for "Entity type" give "Institute"
    2.3 pick an appropriate "Entity role"

Soon (hopefully in time for the curatathon) GRID IDs (a type of organisational ID) will be supported by, which will make credits for institutes much more consistent and useful (== computer-tractable).

Thanks Jon. We also agreed that we would use the GRID number, so for the curatathon I should attempt to obtain a list of the GRID numbers of our main institutions.

I searched the CNRS on GRID and found this:

The record contains cross references, but some of these are specific regional centres (e.g. []) whereas other ones cover the CNRS as a whole ( A particularly messy cross-reference is ISNI (, which contains many names including the generic CNRS but also an apparently random set of names that supposedly correspond to particular sub-units of the CNRS.

For CNRS, the GRID record indicates that the preferred ID is ROR: I thus think that we should recommend this one for all the tools with an institutional link to CNRS.

The situation is exactly the same for INRA:

We should thus be very careful and provide clear instructions to ensure that all curators use the appropriate cross-references. I think we should recommend tool curators to provide the generic ID of their "tutelle(s) de rattachement", e.g. CNRS, INRA, INRIA, CEA, Institut Pasteur, ... and, if they wish, add the specific IDs of their institute (e.g. IGBMC) or laboratory (TAGC) if they do have an institutional ID. For the laboratories, a possibility would be to document the PIC ID, which is the ID used to apply for EU funding calls.

Has anyone an insight into the best practice ? Some guidelines ?