How to request a shared Conda environment

The docs about using conda mention that one can ask for a shared conda environment, for instance for tutoring sessions, which is exactly my situation.
Could you explain how to request a shared Conda environment?

More precisely, I would like for trainees to create their own conda environments, and I would like for a list of students to access them (no write access if possible). As a bonus, I would like to register these environment to Jupyter, so as to make them available to students from Jupyter Notebook.

All our software available through module load xx are pushed via this gitlab repository

We can deal with either Conda package or Singularity images. We aim to have one tools per environment (module).

If you want to install a new Conda tool, help yourself. But note that this tool will not be restricted to your students. It's made available for all users and beyond since the tools are installed in parallel on 7 computing infrastrcuture.

Note that in a context of a training session, we can shape a special project folder with a read-only directory ...

Thanks! The training session already has project folders with relevant read/write restrictions. So I guess creating conda environments in the corresponding folders solves my problem?

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