Install Helixer software


Can you install Helixer GitHub - weberlab-hhu/Helixer: Using Deep Learning to predict gene annotations in the cluster for GPU usage?
I tried downloading the singularity file but I get an storage error, as well as when I'm trying to create an anaconda environment.

Helixer is a Machine Leraning genes annotator that will reduce the computing time from months to hours vs traditional approaches.

Thank you,

Laura G


Singularity file seems a good solution.

You have reached the maximum number of file in your home directory:

$ lfs quota -h -p 163258 /shared/projects/pangenome_coffea
     Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                  3.12G    100G    150G       -  112651* 100000  150000    none

Maybe you can try to clean your home directory (have a look on conda environment) and download the singularity file directly on your project folder.