Install SNAPE-pooled

I'm sorry to bother you again.
I'm looking to use a tool on the IFB cluster (SNAPE-pooled) in order to count alleles in pooled sequenced data.
The tool is available here:

To produce the bin, I typed this command on my laptop:
make snape-pooled

But this returns the following error:

ocamlopt.opt -ccopt -static -o snape-pooled str.cmxa
make: ocamlopt.opt : command not found
make: *** [snape-pooled] Error 127

I finally managed to install it on my laptop after installing ocaml ( – ocamlopt.opt).

Again sorry to ask this, I know it is time consuming on your part and thank you very much.

All the best,


actually, the version I compiled on my laptop can be exported to the cluster and runs perfectly.
Sorry for the inconvenience!