Issue with Generic Filter after Bank in House


I hit an issue while trying to use generic filter after Bank in House

I tried to remove features with "No_match_in_bank" in the column called "BiH_NEG_MOD_HBM4EU_(MzDelta_Query-Bank(5.0ppm)"

But after running the function the infos in the column "BiH_NEG_MOD_HBM4EU_(MzDelta_Query-Bank(5.0ppm)" are truncated and only the first part of the hits list is kept

example the value before generic filter was 0.000136280134#358.1156922#45594_[M+acetate]-#358.1156922|0.000136322134#358.115692242#92457_[M-H]-#358.115692242 and after we habe only 0.000136280134.

It seems that at some point the generic filter is removing #

Any idea?

Have a good week-end

Hi Yann,
I suspect a problem in the way the table is read in my script. Could you please share an example with me (or send it to me by e-mail), I will have a look.

Hi Mélanie,

I will send you the files by email

Hope it will not be too much work

Thank you.
I will investigate it as soon as I reasonnably can.

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Hi @melpetera, Were you successful in your investigation ?