More storage quota for our project

Dear IFB Core Cluster support team,

Can we ask more space (another 1TB) for the "mobydick_lomic" project?

Currently, we are revising our manuscript and need extra space to do additional work. A temporary authorization (1~2 months) could be OK.

Thank you very much for your help and consideration.


Hi Ying

I have increased your quota to 2TB. To check your quota you can run the command

$ mfsgetquota -h /shared/projects/mobydick_lomic
/shared/projects/mobydick_lomic: (current values | soft quota | hard quota) ; soft quota grace period: default
 inodes   |  492Ki |      - |      - |
 length   | 591GiB |      - |      - |
 size     | 617GiB | 2.0TiB | 2.3TiB |
 realsize | 1.2TiB |      - |      - |

Please note that it was already set to a soft limit of 1.8 TB.
Let us know when you no longer need the extra space.

Thank you, Nicole
IFB Core cluster support