msPurity.purityA need more memory

Hi @gildaslecorguille , @Lain

With msPurity.purityA, one user have reached the memory limit with 89 files, so would it be possible to apply the same trick as in msPurity.filterFragSpectra Memory Issue : for msPurity.purityA?

Many Thanks

Ping @team.galaxy, can someone give us some help on that?

Many thanks

Hi @yguitton

I have increased the memory from 12 to 24 GB.
It will be functional soon

Hi there,
I have a similar problem of memory usage but on the tool called "xcms process history" (xcms summary). It ran well on analysis with ~400 samples, but is out of memory with ~1200 samples. Would it be possible to also increase the memory for this tool?
Thank you in advance.

Ping @team.galaxy (for Mélanie's request above )


(Thanks @dbenaben for the ping)

Done @melpetera