Nextflow and GPU

The "proteinfold" nf-core pipeline needs GPU to be processed.
Is there a simple way to tell nextflow to use GPU instead of CPU for some specific steps of the pipeline ? In the config nextflow file for ifb, it seems that only the two partitions "long" and "fast" were implemented.

Hi @nbouche,
I would do something similar to what we have for the CRG in the nf-core/configs: configs/crg.config at master · nf-core/configs · GitHub
Not sure how to use gpus on the IFB cluster

I have modified the config profile from the GRG to use the IFB gpu partitions and it works fine.

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Would you be so nice into making a PR with your changes into the nf-core configs repo, so that other people using the IFB cluster would be able to use GPU if they need as well?