Phylobayes error


I was running a Phylobayes run on the long partition and after 30 days the jobs terminated because of the time limit, which I was expecting. Normally, I can just restart the jobs again after they have stopped but this time I am receiving an error.

/shared/ifbstor1/software/singularity/wrappers/phylobayes/4.1c/pb: line 2: 24096 Segmentation fault singularity exec /shared/ifbstor1/software/singularity/images/phylobayes-4.1c.sif pb $@

Could you provide any information on what this error means?

Thank you very much!



"Segmentation fault" is a software error (Segmentation fault - Wikipedia).
Software has attempted to access a restricted area of memory. A kind of "out of bounds" memory access (for example, you have an array of 1000 items and try to get the 1001 items --> can lead to a segmentation fault).

It can be hard to debug, but it's linked to the software and your data.