Problem in transfer from old to new instance

I've got some problems when running a workflow that comes from an upload of a workflow coming from the old instance.
As I delete all mzML and dataset list of findchrompeaks I try to start the xcms wrkflow at the 1st group step using the Rdata file resulting of the merge step. But it doesn't work. In the group GUI I can't select the Rdata file.
here is the history
Thank's for help

@JFMartin have you try to edit the datatype ?

  • click on the pensil
  • select the tab Datatypes
  • in the combo list, select rdata.xcms.findchrompeaks

Your dataset should be now available for group.

Thank's, it works but then I've got an error because, group seems to read again the raw files mzML... :
Error in retrieveRawfileInTheWorkingDirectory(singlefile, zipfile, args) :
Cannot access the sample: x3apR3.mzML located: /work/project/w4m/galaxy4metabolomics/database/files/002/196/dataset_2196646.dat . Please, contact your administrator ... if you have one!
Execution halted

So there is no other possibilities than uploading again all the raw mzML files...Too bad...
Anyway, thank's a lot for your quick response

Indeed, xcms need to seek complementary information within the raw data.
You will have to

  • upload them
  • use the hidden form Resubmit your raw dataset or your zip file
  • select your new dataset collection