Python Error with MOFA R package on IFB cluster

I am having a problem with the MOFA library already insstalled in the IFB cluster. When I run it I get the following error:

"mofapy package not found. Make sure that Reticulate is pointing to the right Python binary."

I know that this is due to the fact that MOFA is not finding python and/or the correct version of python and I should use reticulate to point it at it, but I don't know the path to python in the IFB cluster. Could you give me this information? python3.6 should be the correct version.



MOFA is installed in the R 4.0.2 module.

In order to help you, please could you give us the result of this command in your shell:

module load r/4.0.2
which python
python --version
which pip
pip list | grep -i mofapy

And in R the result of: