Recover files interrupted cut and paste

I want to know if it is possible to recover files that got "lost" after I cut them from one folder of my account on the cluster to another (also in my account). I cut and pasted them using the file manager in ubuntu, and then, I lost the internet connection and the operation was cancelled, and the files were not pasted completely. I tryed to cut them from this folder that I created on Sept this year "/shared/home/jramirez/helmo/wholeGenome/busco/hybridSolving" to this folder "/shared/home/jramirez/helmo/wholeGenome/busco/buscoOutputs".
I hope there is something that can be done
Thanks in advance for any help

Hello @jramirez ,

I cannot find a hybrid Solving folder in the backup up files. Are you sure of the directory to restore? (note: we have to use the real path, not through the symbolic link)

But I'm not sure to understand correctly, why not just renaming the directory (hybridSolving" --> 'buscoOutputs')?

Moving a large quantity of data (in number or size) could be tricky, we often prefer other solutions that support error recovery like rsync.

I didn't try to move all the files in the directory, I wanted to put all the files of the same type in one folder (searchOutputs), but the folder called "hybridResolution" had many of these files and I made the mistake of cutting and pasting them there. Now I know I shouldn't do that. I knew there might not be anything you could do to help, so anyway, I'm running the analysis again to get the files back. But thank you very much.

Ok. Sorry to cannot help you.