ReqNodeNotAvail, May be reserved for other job

Hi administrator, I have repeatedly encountered this problem when submitting tasks, what can I do to solve it? Thanks


Hi Shuo,

Could you tell us which parameters (sbatch options) you use ?


I'm having the same problem as Shuo, including when using "sbatch -o snakevir.log -p long".


it is like this in
#SBATCH -p long
#SBATCH -o slurm.%N.%j.out
#SBATCH -e slurm.%N.%j.err
#SBATCH --mem 20G
#SBATCH --cpus-per-task 10
and I sbatch

Indeed, there is something strange (jobs > 24 days don't run). We look at this.

Meanwhile, you can specify the option --time with a maximum of 23 days.

More generally, please, always specify the time option (for example, for 10 days: --time=10-00:00:00): Slurm Workload Manager - sbatch
It's a good practice (its helps manage the jobs, it's more fair for other users, it's useful when you come back later to your scripts, ...).

OK, it's simply due to the next maintenance (thanks @gseith for the reminder).
Jobs will be killed the August 24, 2023. So, we don't accept job which could always run at this time.

Cluster maintenance on Thursday August 24, 2023

thanks a lot