Request for additional storage please


May I please request for more storage space? For my COFIBV project, I had generated 2x1000 mzmL files to process (positive and negative ionization modes). Currently I have uploaded ~100 files and reached ~80% of the account quota. I would appreciate if I may have additional 2TB to be able to upload and process these files. Many thanks in advance.

Galaxy ID: dorrainlow


Hi Dorrain,

It seems your mzML files are unsually heavy. Although this may not be a huge issue when dealing with only a few samples, with your study size the question of data conversion arises.
Before discussing an appropriate user quota increase, I would advise to first try to disminish your file size by reviewing your conversion parameters, since compression options may be possible without impacting the extracted information you will get using the XCMS Galaxy modules.

When using the MSconvert tool to convert raw data into a standard format (mzML here), there are conversion options that allow specific compressions.
You can find information about these options in the MSConvert documentation. What I advise is to check whether one of these options would be appropriate in your context and try using it to obtain lighter mzML files.
In case you are not very confortable with compression, do not hesitate to perform some tests on 3-4 files, trying extracting them in Galaxy.


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