Rstudio doesn't start with ondemand


Since we started to use ondemand, I can connect on my session. However each time I'm trying to open Rstudio, it doesn't work.
I followed the documentation to open a Rstudio session and made sure to choose the R version I wanted, to renseign my account and choose the number of CPU, the amount of memory and the number of hours I needed. Then, when I launched the server, I had a new window that opened that told me that the server was starting and I had to wait.
Then, I had this message : "Your session has entered a bad state. Feel free to contact support for further information." :

And if I waited a bit more, it became:

I followed the procedure explained here: Troubleshooting - IFB Core Cluster Documentation (

But it didn't work.

Can you help me with this issue?



Hello Carole,

It's a common error (maybe we have to find a workaround).

When you launch your interactive apps (RStudio, JupyterHUB, etc.) and specify the amount of memory needed, you should add the unit !
For example, "25 = 25MB (default unit is MB)", 1G = 1GB, ...


Your session failed due to "out of memory" (there is only 25MB).

Best regards

It works! Thanks a lot! I should have better read the documentation...
Thanks again,


We are going to add some explanations about it directly on the form.