Space is not freed up when datasets are deleted and purged from History

How long does it take for disk space to be released when datasets are deleted and then purged from a Galaxy History? I deleted 10 datasets totalling 25.4 GB on 23 February and by today 3 March the space has still not be freed up. I need to make space for transfer of another History from bipaa-genouest. I have logged off and on again several times. I followed the link to the Storage Dashboard. Refresh does not change the reported 46.0 GB disk usage. Free Up Disk Usage informs me "no items to delete". Adding up all the sizes of the documents that I haven't deleted yet gives about 9.7 GB which is the size listed for the History. Is there anything else I can do to free the space, or must this be handled centrally?

Hi David,
I've just checked your account, and for me it displays 26gb used space, in your 2 non-deleted histories. If you refresh now do you see the same?

Dear Anthony,

thanks for checking. Now (Sunday 5 March) I see 26 GB also, unlike the 46 GB I saw after refreshing several times on Friday 3 March. Is there something that you did to free up the purged space? Or is purged space only deleted on the week-end?

Ok sounds good! There's no delay when purging data, maybe there was just a refreshing problem? There are some rare cases where the quota value can get wrong, but we have a way to fix it as admins.
Let us know if you ever have this problem again