Space issue - 100 GB instead of 250GB

Hi all,
I have data space issue on my account. In fact, I have 100 GB instead of the 250GB usualy allocated by user. So I can not upload my data. Would it be possible to increase to 250 GB my account?
Many thanks in advance for your help
Best, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas,

Disk quota for Galaxy (registered users) is 100GB (cf. Term Of Use).

@team.galaxy is it possible to extend galaxy account quota ?

Thanks for the reply. I though it was 250 GB since it is written on the webite...
" If you are working at Galaxy Main (, each registered account is granted 250 GB of quota space (disk usage for data storage). Review full details here (account and job quotas) and here (account terms)."
Now I understand that in the case of W4M, 100 GB is allocated ...
Would it be possible to enlarge it ? ...
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Solved here: