Statistic: wich tool in W4M to calculate fold change - log 2 fold change for VolcanoPlot?

Hello everyone,

I would like to perform a Volcano Plot on W4M. I am looking for a tool in W4M to calculate the log fold change?

I also can do it myself in R. My datas have already been log10 transformed for my statistics in W4M. How should I proceed to have the log2FoldChange with already log10 transformed data?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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The mean fold change can be calculated using the Intensity check module. You can choose to have a log mean fold change (log2 or log10).

In your case where data are already log10-transformed while you want log fold change calculation based on the raw data (if I understood well ?), you need to first turn back your data to none-transformed values. W4M does not currently provide tools that enable this transformation, so you may have to do it through R.

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