Testing of GTN Help embeds

Bonjour! (Apologies for the lack of french)

I am testing the GTN embeds, in coordination with @bebatut

We add a new feature in the GTN, where when you paste a GTN FAQ in discourse, it will generate a nicer rendering of it, so you do not need to click to view the other site. We think it will be useful for support staff, easier to share FAQs directly with users.

Here I paste one of the few french language FAQ URLs, maybe you all will want to add more :slight_smile:

Les historiques sont une partie importante de Galaxy, la plupart des gens utilisent un nouvel historique pour chaque nouvelle analyse. Assurez-vous toujours de donner de bons noms à vos historiques, afin de pouvoir retrouver facilement vos résultats plus tard.

Cliquez sur l’icone new-history en haut du panneau d’historique.

Si l’icone new-history est manquant :

  1. Cliquez sur l’icone galaxy-gear (Options d’historique) en haut du panneau d’historique
  2. Selectionner l’option Créer un nouveau depuis le menu

This embed is created by placing


on it's own line, when you write a message in discourse.

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Super cool merci Helena !

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  1. Please make sure you are logged in. At the top menu bar, you should see a section labeled “User”. If you see “Login/Register” here you are not logged in.

  2. Activate your account. If you have recently registered your account, you may first have to activate it. You will receive an e-mail with an activation link.
    • Make sure to check your spam folder!
  3. Be patient. Galaxy is a free service, when a lot of people are using it, you may have to wait longer than usual (especially for ‘big’ jobs, e.g. alignments).

  4. Contact Support. If you really think something is wrong with the server, you can ask for support

Cool, indeed!