Troubleshooting Quality Metrics: how to properly download the different files for non-targeted metabolomics analyzes by LC / MS


I have somme issues with the workflow for LC/MS analyses. The workflow crashes at the level of the Quality Metrics module with each time an error message "The data matrix and the metadata of the sample do not match with regard to the sample identifiers". It seems that the way we upload the data is not correct. To see, if the concern came from our data, we also tried the data and workflows shared on the platform (Mass spectrometry: LC-MS analysis). But again, even with the right data and the right workflow for analysis, it still hangs in the same place with the same error message. So it seems that the way we name our files or the way we upload our data is not correct.
Can someone help us understand our mistakes and better use the W4M platform.

Can I open this thread to gather more helpers?

of course anything that can solve the problem

Ping @team.w4m

Ping harder @team.w4m

Hi @pierreburguet

Would it be possible for you to share the link to the history you made with the data shared in the tutorial?
I suspect a problem of extension redundancy for the file names, but I would prefer to check the history to be sure.

Could you also tell me which OS you are using on your computer please? If I suspected the right issue, it will help me to provide you the right procedure to properly handle the files to ensure a smooth analysis in Galaxy :slight_smile:

Hello @pierreburguet

Have you resolved your issue ?