XCMS Group and XMCMS fillpeaks tools on Galaxy not working

All other jobs looks to run but when i try XCMS group or fillpeaks it stays in grey and never run...

Some help please ? @team.galaxy

And now no job can be run without it

Hope all is right... I can say also that when I just want to add a tabular file it says "nos pace left"


Hello @jsaintvanne
Your job uses the "long" partition. There are currently several other jobs that need to be executed.
You have to wait for the jobs to finish to free the machines on the "long" partition.


Seems like a disk is full, we're looking into it, sorry about that

It should be fixed now

Hello @team.galaxy,
My jobs with MSPurity have been slowing down these days and I have experienced the same error as @jsaintvanne (Job submission failed). Moreover, all the jobs even some light ones are paused since this morning.
Are the servers saturated again?
Thanks in advance