CAMERA: Error in round(groupmat[, "mzmed"], 1) :

I restarted the XCMS workflow:

FillPeak succeeded BUT CAMERA crashed

An error occurred while running the tool .

sorry :frowning:


Warning message:
replacing previous import 'xcms::plot' by 'graphics::plot' when loading 'CAMERA' 
Note: you might want to set/adjust the 'sampclass' of the returned xcmSet object before proceeding with the analysis.
Error in round(groupmat[, "mzmed"], 1) : 
  non-numeric argument to mathematical function
Calls: annotatediff ... data.frame -> cbind -> groupval -> groupval -> .local -> paste
Execution halted

ping @administrateurs

Hi @fcastelli
Is your issue still up? If so, can you please share with me the concerned history, I will try to see what the problem could be.