Extension of disk space -Project "mbnl_dct"

as follow-up of this question :

.. i 'd like to ask if it's possible to obtain 1TB total disk space (+500GB) for my project, because it seems that free space is not enough for running my alignments. It is only required for short time.

Hi Maria, the quota for your project mbnl_dct was increased to 1TB.
Let us know when you no longer need the extra space.

Thank you
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Hello and have a nice New Year !
I finished working on the pipeline here, so we can reduce the disk space at 500GB, as initially.
Thanks for the help,
Best, Maria

Thank you Maria.
Happy New Year to you .

Your quota is now back to 500 GB

Thank you

Hello, I will need again some more space please for this project to run a tool ,please.
Is it possible to go to 800G-1T another ~2months?

Hi Maria

You already have 1 TB on mbnl_dct .
Do you need 2 TB ? or do you need to extend the current 1 TB quota ?

Thanks Nicole

My status-bar shows :
mbnl_dct [###################-] 489 / 500 GB
secretome [--------------------] 0 / 250 GB
single_cell_skeletal_muscle [--------------------] 8 / 250 GB

If you changed to 1TB is fine! Thanks a lot !

Hi Maria,

Not sure what happened.. but the quota of mbnl_dct is now 1 TB.

Thank you, Nicole

Hello dear IFB-team ! I would need again an increase of disk space, for this project : mbnl_dct, I have to download some public data. Is 300G possible please? I ll let you know when I finish with them,then..

Hello Maria
Sorry for the delay. The mbnl_dct quota is increased by 300 GB.

Thank you