Request for more disk qouta space in Galaxy France to perform Transcriptomics

I still haven't received any response from you. Also, I want to inform you that I will need 500 Gb disk quota space, not 200 Gb because of the file size and to perform Transcriptomics.
I am eagerly waiting for assistance because I don't have much time with me as my M2 master thesis is nearing its deadline. I hope will hear from your team soon
Thanking you

Done @Abhinob_Baruah , you now have 500GB.

Let us know when you don't need the extra storage anymore.

You can also check Troubleshooting - Galaxy if you reach your storage limit.

Good analysis

My disk space of 500 Gb is full and, I would require some more space in order to completely finish my transcriptomics because my data set is too large. Please, could you inscrese the disk space to 500 Gb more. I need to complete my experiments in time for my M2 master thesis Deadline. I hope you will help me in this matter. I really appreciate it, I hope will hear from your team soon
Thank you