Request for more space in Galaxy


I am doing transcriptomics in the context of my M2 internship and I need more storage space than I have currently. I need 300 Gb space.

Username : nicolas.vigier

Looking forward to your reply,

Nicolas Vigier

Done @Nicolas_Vigier , you now have 300GB.

Let us know when you don't need the extra storage anymore.

You can also check Troubleshooting - Galaxy if you reach your storage limit.

Good analysis

Thank you for your responsiveness, I'll let you know.

Have a nice day,

Hello again,

Sorry for the relaunch,
Actually, I have 300 Gb of data to upload but I will also use tools such as Trimmomatic, so I need at least 500 Gb storage space.

Is it possible ?

Looking forward to reading you again,

Done @Nicolas_Vigier , you now have 500GB.

Good analysis